About Privacy Week Berlin 2018

From 26 September to 03 October 2018, an interdisciplinary network of partners from civil society, science and the tech community will host “Privacy Week Berlin” for the first time. Inspired by the annual “PrivacyWeek” conference of C3W (Chaos Computer Club) in Vienna, this decentralized event aims to enhance awareness of privacy protection by focusing on various aspects of the issue and addressing all relevant scenes and industries.

The diverse program of events held at locations all over Berlin will reflect the topic in a wide range of lectures, workshops, bar camps, crypto parties, movies, art and protest actions, demonstrations and panel discussions. The program brings together institutions, action groups and individuals and is open to innovative formats. For anyone who would like to stage an event exploring the topic of “privacy” (preferably free of charge), Privacy Week Berlin 2018 offers a framework for presenting your activities. We invite you to take part in the awareness week and contribute to exploring questions that are becoming increasingly important for us as individuals and social beings.

The “right to privacy” is a human right. In the light of current developments in German society and worldwide, Privacy Week Berlin 2018 aspires to be a beacon against the dismantling of our basic democratic rights and the drift toward the political right by parts of society.

Nowadays it is difficult to not leave any traces in the digital world. Technological developments are linking our digital lives ever more elaborately, while generating ever more data on each of us. These data and their collection have both private and social effects on our lives, for our future and for future generations.