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From 26 September to 03 October 2018, an interdisciplinary network of partners from civil society, science and the tech community will host “Privacy Week Berlin” for the first time. Inspired by the annual “PrivacyWeek” conference of C3W (Chaos Computer Club) in Vienna, this decentralized event aims to enhance awareness of privacy protection by focusing on various aspects of the issue and addressing all relevant scenes and industries.

Contributions to the #PWB18-program in English are still very welcome!

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at the Privacy Week Berlin 2018 are requested to follow our Code of Conduct throughout the event. We expect all participants to cooperate to ensure a safe environment for everybody.

The Privacy Week Berlin 2018 means different kind of people who created and organized the event week for you in Berlin: Hanka, Patty, Markus, JeZ, Birgit, Martina, Max, Tobi, Steffi, Faust, Ben, Joeri, Philipp, Wolle, Martin

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